The joys and wonders of using FamilySearch with Cynthia Grostick

Zoom webinar - registration required

FamilySearch is a site that should be on every genealogist’s list of websites for genealogy research.  With all the wonders that await you, the best is that it is all free.  We will learn about all the amazing databases, learning tools, and family trees, to name just a few.  After this class, I believe you ... Read more

Finding Family in the 1950 US Census Before it is Searchable with Thomas Koselka

Zoom webinar - registration required

This session will cover the tools available to you to search by location: State, County, City or Township, and Enumeration District to locate your family before searching is available. Tom's presentation will also discuss how you and other volunteers can help ensure this census is searchable by researchers. The process is reportedly different than the ... Read more

Beyond Searching for your ancestors online with Claudia Breland

Zoom webinar - registration required is one of the largest genealogy databases on the internet today, and they have the advertising dollars to make themselves known. However, there are many, many other online resources (most of them free) that can supplement the information you have on your family and fill in the missing puzzle pieces. We’ll talk about census ... Read more

Creative Storytelling Techniques Borrowed from Photography with Laura Hedgecock

Zoom webinar - registration required

Family history storytellers can borrow techniques which make stories more compelling, more easily digestible, more emotionally impactful, by borrowing concepts of photography. Using nature photography photos as examples, presenter Laura Hedgecock shares strategies that help personal and family stories to connect with readers and future generations.

Budapest: Pearl of the Danube with Mariya Fogarasi

Zoom webinar - registration required

Hungary's capital city has long been acclaimed as one of Europe's most beautiful, with its parliament building frequently highlighted in advertisements for Danube river cruises. Come and travel through one of the Roman empire's northern provinces and experience the spas, bridges, markets, and historical areas of "Buda" and "Pest," two cities which, along with Obuda, ... Read more