About Us


The Society shall promote and encourage an interest in genealogy, history, and biography among its members and the general public.Objectives of the Society shall be to:

  • Locate, publish, and safeguard public and private genealogical records.
  • Encourage and instruct others in genealogical research through individual mentoring, the sharing of information, workshops, and other educational means.
  • Procure and/or distribute genealogical or historical material for educational purposes, the proceeds of which, if any, are to be used exclusively for the expressed purpose of this organization.

The Society shall be organized and operated as a non-profit organization, according to Section 501 (c)(4) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Operating Year: July 2022 – June 2023

Executive Board

President: Patricia Gee
Vice President &
Program Chair:
Edward Maurus
Secretary: Thomas Koselka
Treasurer: Linus Drogs

Committee Chairs

Hospitality: Laurine Griffin
Publications: Marilyn Nuttall
Publicity: Elena Lovelace

Appointed Positions

Archivist & Ancestor Charts: Stephanie Herm
Dearborn Museum Guild Rep: Janet Schulz
Historian: Edward Maurus
Librarian: Nancy Taylor
Michigan Genealogical Council: Thomas Koselka
Michigan Genealogical Council: Laurine Griffin
Newsletter Editor: Karen Faaleolea
Query Research: Patricia Gee
Webmaster: Thomas Koselka