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Welcome! Dearborn Genealogical Society

The Dearborn Genealogical Society serves the Cities of Dearborn and Dearborn Heights in Wayne County, Michigan and the surrounding area.
Founded in 1966, the Dearborn Genealogical Society recently celebrated 50 years of serving genealogists in the community and those with roots in the Dearborn, Springwells, Greenfield, Fordson, and the Dearborn Township area.

2021 DGS Family History Story Contest

The Dearborn Genealogical Society will begin its 55th year with a Family History Story Contest.
Contest Guidelines:
  1. Please submit stories by mail, email.
  2. By submitting a contest entry, the author agrees to have the story printed in the DGS Newsletter.
  3. Story Length: 500-800 words.
  4. The author’s name, address, email/phone number should be included with the entry.
  5. A picture/photograph may be submitted with the entry.
  6. A panel from the Dearborn Historical Museum will judge the stories. Cash prizes to be awarded:
    1. 1st place: $50 plus a one year DGS Membership
    2. 2nd place: $30
    3. 3rd place: $20
  7. Submission deadline: September 1, 2021.
  8. Winners will be announced at our September meeting.
“Writing Your Way to the Past…"  2021 Suggested Prompts
  • Every Photo Tells a Story
  • The Skeleton in the  Family’s Closet
  • Finding a Famous Person in Your Family
  • Select a family heirloom (watch, quilt, Bible, etc.) Where has it been? How did your ancestor acquire it? What has it encountered over the years?
  • Write about your surname origins.  
  • Select an ancestor who served in the military. What experiences did he/she have?
  • Choose a favorite couple from your family’s history. Write about the challenges they faced in their life together. What big decisions did they have to make?
  • Surprises in my DNA testing results. What connections did you make?
  • Naming traditions in your family.  How did the tradition start?  Stories of ancestors with that name?
  • Other? A Topic of Your Choice.

Newsletter information

The Society publishes a newsletter quarterly, which includes genealogical news, historical articles, new book notes, queries, and special features. Members are encouraged to submit items for publication.

Mail newsletter items to:
Newsletter Editor
P.O. Box 1112
Dearborn, MI 48121-1112

or email to

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Dearborn Genealogical Society meeting
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