Westlawn Cemetery

Westlawn Cemetery Wayne, Michigan

This index is from the Dearborn Genealogical Society Publication “Westlawn Cemetery, Wayne, Michigan“. 
Only the older sections of the cemetery were read. Sections A and B are known as the baby tiers. There are hundreds of burials of infants and small children buried in tiers in these sections, and most do not have markers. Section F is an older section of the cemetery which has a number of Polish burials, and only a partial reading was done of this section. Many of the people buried in Section F resided in Detroit and were members of the Polish National Catholic Church. Many of the monuments or markers have inscriptions in Polish.
Section K is the oldest section of the cemetery, followed by Section J. Burials are not in even rows in the older sections and rows are not marked which made transcribing these sections difficult. Quite a number of markers were buried or partially buried and some monuments had been toppled. This cemetery had been neglected for some time, and many improvements have recently been made. There is a restoration project in progress to bring this cemetery back to its former beauty. This cemetery was read in June, July, August and October 2008. In addition to the inscription on the marker or monument, the grave numbers are also given where known. Some of the information is from the office record.

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