Join the Society!

It is easy to join the Dearborn Genealogical society, just select one of the ways below this menu item — Mail-In or Online.
Membership in the Dearborn Genealogical Society includes:
  1. Eight informative monthly program meetings on Topics of Genealogical or Historical Interest;
  2. Four Newsletters a year including:
    • Articles
    • Information
    • Updates on genealogy sources
  3. Notices by postcard or e-mail of monthly program meetings.
  4. Sharing of ideas, information, and help with other members.
  5. Opportunity to work on group research projects.
  6. Updates on local, state and national workshops and seminars.
  7. Services offered by the Michigan Genealogical Council.
  8. A traditional end-of-year Annual Meeting and Catered Dinner with special program.